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Why Treading Water Is An Essential Confidence Boosting Skill plus, Become a More Outstanding Swimming Teacher

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Can you tread water? How often does it feature in your lessons? Treading water is an important skill to learn for many reasons. Also, this week, fine-tune your teaching practice to be even more outstanding!

Hi, Mark here. I hope you've had a great week.

This week, we are talking treading water and I give you a free printable download that explains everything you need to know.

But first...

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Give Your Confidence A Boost - Learn How To Tread Water

Treading water is an important skill to learn. First off, it is an essential part of water safety and personal survival. On top of that, it boosts confidence, particularly when swimming in deep water. Anything that boosts confidence can only be good!

Check out my printable download for the finer details about how to tread water and how to teach treading water by clicking here or download your printable by clicking the link below.

That's it for this week. Take care and stay safe.

Happy swimming!



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