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Top 5 ‘Need To Know Basics’ BEFORE Learning Swimming Technique - Plus, A Lesson Plan For Boosting Confidence

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Are you a beginner? A boost to your confidence will skyrocket your swimming abilities. Are you a swimming teacher? Check out a confidence-boosting lesson plan.

Hi, Mark here. I hope that you’ve had a great week and all is well.

I am starting the week off with some confidence boosting. This week, I am covering the basics of learning to swim that need to be tackled before fine-tuning any actual swimming technique.

Essential Confidence Boosters For Beginners

1. Discover your level of buoyancy

Understanding how buoyant you are will help determine if you are a floater or a natural sinker. It’s all down to your relative density. To learn more about relative density, click here.

2. Learn how to relax

Easier said than done, I hear you say. Not at all. It just takes time. A combination of floating, gliding and breathing at a comfortable time will lead to you being at one with the water. For more in-depth information on how to relax, click here.

3. Learn how to glide

Gliding is the missing link between floating and relaxing. If you can glide through the water from a push from the poolside, then you are halfway to mastering one of the most important parts of swimming - streamlining. Find out more about gliding by clicking here.

4. Stopping and standing mid swim

An often forgotten skill when learning how to swim, stopping and regaining an upright standing position from a front (prone) or back (supine) swimming position is vital. Click here to discover a simple explanation, along with some clear diagrams.

5. Learn how to submerge

Although this is number 5, it is arguably the most important of all swimming tips for beginners. If you can learn how to hold your breath and let yourself sink down underwater (within your depth, of course), you will not only discover a whole new world of peace and quiet down there, but the more you do it, the more you will begin to relax. Going underwater is explained right here, so click and discover.

Teachers, start your week off with a FREE Confidence Building Lesson Plan

Check out this 30-minute confidence-building lesson plan tailored to boost the confidence of nervous, anxious children. Taken from my massively popular book 101 Swimming Lesson Plans, there are plenty more lesson plans where this one came from. Click here to find them.

Need More Lesson Plans Like This One?

Check out 101 Swimming Lesson Plans that cover everything from first entering the swimming pool to swimming all 4 basic swimming strokes to an advanced level. I have also included swimming lesson plans written specifically for adults. Click here to find out more.

That's it for this week. Stay focused, stay in touch and stay safe.

Happy swimming!



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Hi! I'm Mark, creator of Swim Teach

I've been teaching swimming for over 30 years and I built Swim Teach so that I can share all my knowledge, wisdom and experience from the thousands of swimming lessons I have had the pleasure of teaching. Take a look back through my previous newsletters and see what you missed.

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