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The 2 Most Common Breathing Mistakes When Swimming - Are You Guilty?

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

'Why do I get so out of breath when I swim?' - one of the most commonly asked questions in the pool. There are 2 very common breathing mistakes that many beginners learning to swim are guilty of.

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When it comes to breathing technique, whichever swimming stroke is being attempted, there are two common mistakes that many adults make.

  • Breath-holding
  • Breathing too late

What happens when you hold your breath?

Breath-holding is an unnatural act for a human being to carry out. That is why some people find it difficult and even stressful.

The human body has several responses to breath holding along with other reactions to being submerged underwater. How we deal with these responses determines how comfortable or uncomfortable we are and, therefore, how long we can spend underwater while holding our breath.

Firstly, the amount of air we can inhale into our lungs depends on the size of our lungs. A taller person will have larger lungs, filling them with more oxygen and remaining underwater for longer.

While holding our breath, oxygen in our lungs decreases as it is carried away in the bloodstream and used, and the amount of carbon dioxide increases. Carbon dioxide is a waste product, and when a certain level is reached, a signal is sent to the brain to tell you to breathe again.

Changes in heart rate occur whilst breath-holding, and the more relaxed a person is, the slower they consume oxygen and, therefore, the longer they can remain holding their breath.

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Fix Breathing Technique For Each Stroke

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