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‘I’m So Scared Of Deep Water’ - How To Conquer Fear of The Deep - Plus, Ready Made Swimming Lesson Plans

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Does your confidence fall apart at the thought of swimming in the deep end? It's a common problem, but it can be overcome. Also, calling all teachers - take the hard work out of planning with some ready-made swimming lesson plans.

Hi, Mark here. I hope this email finds you well.

In this edition of Swim Teach News, I offer you a possible solution to the common swimming fear - the fear of deep water.

Unlock Confidence In The Deep End

The most common reason for having any kind of anxiety when it comes to swimming is usually linked to a bad experience in the past. This could have been a terrifying swimming lesson, an accidental fall into deep water or even a near-drowning.

Now, when you go near water or a swimming pool your body's self-defence systems kick in and raise your heart rate, tighten your muscles and accelerate your breathing. These are all your body's way of saying 'don't go there'!

One important point you must understand here is that the buoyancy of the human body is the same in deep water as it is in shallow water. In other words, your ability to remain at the water surface is the same regardless of the depth of the water.

You might not have quite such a fear of deep water. Instead, you could be one of those swimmers who swim happily around until suddenly out of nowhere you feel like you're going to sink. You are swimming in deep water and it is going to pull you down and you instantly find yourself scrambling for the side to hold on to.

You can try a simple psychological test in the pool to help overcome your fear of swimming in the deep...

Ready-made Swimming Lesson Plans

How would you like lesson plans designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, all with equipment lists and timings? Chuck in some assessment grids to mark off your swimmers and you've got the perfect package for some quality, high-achieving swimming lessons.

Click here for detailed lesson plans like the one above that might make a difference to your lessons...

Do you know a swimming teacher that might benefit from these plans? Please forward this email to them.

That's it for this week. Stay focused, stay in touch and stay safe.

Happy swimming!



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ps - If you know someone who could benefit from the material in this email, please forward it to them. Thanks!

Hi! I'm Mark, creator of Swim Teach

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