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Front Crawl Kicking Technique and Teaching Resources To Keep Your Lessons Fresh

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

"If I kick harder then I will stay afloat and swim further." ...a common misconception among beginners learning to swim. Relaxed and smooth is the key to an effective and efficient front crawl leg kick.

Hi, Mark here. I hope all is well with you.

In this edition of Swim Teach News, we are looking at front crawl leg kick technique and a basic exercise to help practice and fine-tune it. If you're a teacher, my resource library is packed with drills and lesson plans to help make your teaching efficient, effective and fresh.

Leg Kick Technique Using a Kickboard.

A great exercise to try out is kicking, holding a float or kickboard in both hands straight out in front.

Aim: to practice and learn the correct kicking technique.

Holding a float or kickboard out in front isolates the legs, encourages correct body position and develops leg strength.

Key Actions

  • Kick with pointed toes
  • Make a small splash with your toes
  • Kick with floppy feet
  • Keep leg kicks close together

Technical Focus

  • Kick comes from the hip
  • Kick is continuous and alternating.
  • Legs are close together when they kick
  • Ankles are relaxed and the toes are pointed.
  • Kick should just break the water surface.

Common Faults

  • Knees bend too much
  • Feet come out of the water
  • Kick comes from the knee
  • Legs are too deep in the water

Need More Drills To Improve Front Crawl?

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Resources for Swimming Teachers

My library of swimming resources for teachers contains everything needed to get the job done efficiently and professionally. Adaptable lesson plans, assessment tools and all the basic drills covering all four basic swimming strokes.

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That's it for this week. Stay focused, stay in touch and stay safe.

Happy swimming!



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Hi! I'm Mark, creator of Swim Teach

I've been teaching swimming for over 30 years and I built Swim Teach so that I can share all my knowledge, wisdom and experience from the thousands of swimming lessons I have had the pleasure of teaching. Take a look back through my previous newsletters and see what you missed.

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