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Breathing When Swimming Breaststroke - How, When and How To Teach It

Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

How's your breaststroke breathing technique? Do you inhale and exhale at the right times? My 'How To Teach Breaststroke' book has all the necessary drills and lesson plans if you need to teach it.

Hi, Mark here. I hope all is well with you.

This week, I am discussing the basics of the breaststroke breathing technique using a drill that will allow you to perform it slowly and fine-tune it. Also, my 'How To Teach Breaststroke' book is here for all you swimming teachers looking for some drills and lesson plans.

Breaststroke Breathing 101

Breaststroke breathing usually occurs naturally as the overall breaststroke technique has a natural body lift, giving the ideal breathing point with each stroke.

Inhalation takes place at the end of the insweep as the body allows the head to lift clear of the water. The head should be lifted enough for the mouth to clear the surface and inhale, but not excessively to keep the frontal resistance created by this movement to a minimum. The head returns to the water to exhale as the arms stretch forward to begin their recovery phase. For more on breaststroke breathing, click here.

Breaststroke Breathing Drill

Breathing practice with a woggle under the arms

Aim: to develop correct synchronisation of breathing and arm pull technique.

The woggle provides support, enabling the exercise to be done slowly. It also allows the swimmer to travel during the practice. Leg action can be added if necessary.

Key Actions

  • Breathe in as you complete your arm pull
  • Breathe out as your hands stretch forwards
  • Blow your hands forwards

Technical Focus

  • Breath inwards at the end of the in-sweep
  • Head lifts up as the arms complete the circular pull
  • Head should clear the water
  • Head returns to the water as the arms recover
  • Breathing out is as the hands stretch forward

Common Faults

  • Holding the breath
  • Head fails to clear the water
  • Breathing out as the arms pull back
  • Lifting the head as the arms stretch forward

There is plenty more drills to help fine-tune the other parts of the stroke and bring on your breaststroke technique right here.

Show me MORE about basic Breaststroke Drills.

How To Teach Breaststroke - The Book

Knowing how to teach breaststroke to children and adults is essential for any swimming teacher, and the job is much easier when the lesson plans and basic drills are detailed for you in advance. So, that's just what I've done for you! Click on the cover below for more details.

Everything you need in a straightforward book. Detailed, comprehensive and very clear. It's a swimming teacher's dream tool kit for teaching adults and children to swim breaststroke. Click here for a preview, or click the button below to go to the download page.

That's it for this week. Stay focused, stay in touch and stay safe.

Happy swimming!



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