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An Offer You Cannot Refuse plus Breaking Down Breaststroke Leg Kick For Easy Learning

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Could your breaststroke kicking technique be smoother and more efficient? Teachers, have you got 101 Lesson Plans yet?

Hi, Mark here. Hope you've had a great week.

In Swim Teach News this week, I break down breaststroke leg kick into 3 steps to hopefully help make it a little smoother and easier to learn. Also, calling all swimming teachers - do you want your lesson planning done for you? You won't want to miss my amazing offer. Scroll down to find it.

Breaststroke Legs: Step By Step...

We can break breaststroke leg kick down into 3 basic steps.

Step 1:

Knees bend as the heels are drawn up towards the seat. At the same time, the legs need to bend at the hips, effectively drawing the knees up under the body.

Step 2:

Feet and toes are turned out, exposing the surface area of the soles of the feet to the water, ready for them to drive the water backwards.

Step 3:

The legs sweep outwards, around and slightly downwards in a flowing circular path, accelerating as they kick.

There is much more to breaststroke leg kick than I can list here and a few images to help to make it visual is a massive help too. Follow the link below and get much more to help you out.

Show me MORE about Breaststroke Leg Kick Technique.

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That's it for this week. Stay focused, stay in touch and stay safe.

Happy swimming!



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Hi! I'm Mark, creator of Swim Teach

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