Unlock The Power of Play and Teach Children To Swim The Easy Way - A Must-Have Skill For All Parents and Teachers!

Teaching children how to swim can be a frustrating process, especially if they scared or anxious. That is, until you turn it all into a game!

Hi, Mark here. I hope all is well with you.

My popular book 'Teach Your Child To Swim Through Games and Play' uses games to teach all of the essential basics of swimming. Use the power of play to teach basic swimming skills to your children. Teaching them to swim could not be easier! Click here or the cover image below for a preview.

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Great for the non swimmer to doggy paddle stage Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 November 2023

This is a well written book and the games are well thought through and enjoyable. The approach really works for me and my son. I wish it had been around longer, because I could have done with it a couple of years ago.”. Click here to download your copy.

Using games and play to teach your child how to swim will not only open their mind to imagination and engagement, but it will help to distract them from the fears and anxieties often associated with the new sensations of being in the water and the expectations that come with learning how to swim.

Discover 60 games that use little or no equipment and that cover all of the essential basics of learning to swim, including breathing, floating, submerging, gliding, kicking and pulling. Explore games and activities that teach them all. Click here for more details, or click the button below.

Download my book and unlock your child's swimming potential - don’t forget to share this email with anyone you know that might have a child that needs this help and support.

Happy swimming!



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Hi! I'm Mark, creator of Swim Teach

I've been teaching swimming for over 30 years and I built Swim Teach so that I can share all my knowledge, wisdom and experience from the thousands of swimming lessons I have had the pleasure of teaching. Take a look back through my previous newsletters and see what you missed.

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